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How often do you give yourself a compliment?  

Most people would never think of doing such a silly thing.  But it isn't silly at all and we should do this every day.  Why?  Because we are all special in our own way and we deserve to hear positive things said about ourselves.  We shouldn't always wait for other people to affirm us, we need to take action and tell ourselves what an awesome person we are.

Positive statements or affirmations can actually 're-wire' your brain and give you a feeling of happiness, the power that can help you deal with the challenges you face each and every day. 



When most people get up in the morning, they start their day by thinking about all the bad things that are going to happen that day.  This just sets us up for a lousy day!  Instead of defeating yourself before the day even starts, give your esteem a boost with a positive affirmation. Don't let those negative thoughts keep you from jumping up out of bed and looking forward to your day. 


Pick some affirmations you like even if you don't believe them at first and say them every day.  When it is possible, say those affirmations out loud.  Hearing our own spoken words will make a bigger impact on us than just thinking them and we will soon start to believe what we say.  

Research states that it takes about  21 - 30 consecutive days to create a new habit, so repeat your affirmations over and over again for at least 21 days. Then keep saying your affirmations as often as possible to reinforce them.  Please keep one VERY important thing in mind.  If you really want your positive affirmations to work, you have to feel what you are saying.   You cannot just memorize them and repeat them meaninglessly or they will have little or no effect.  

Here are some ideas for affirmations:


*I am special

*I like to smile

*I made people feel good

*I feel great

*I am a good friend

*I deserve to be happy

*I can make a difference today

*I do a good job

*I can sing

*I can write stories

*I am a super cook

*I like to exercise

*I look good

*I am strong

*I am a great wife/mother

*I am a great husband/father

*I am beautiful inside and out

*I love myself

*I am losing weight

*I CAN do this

Can you think of more?  


Write down a list of 3 to 5 affirmations that you can say each day and carry the list with you, so you can repeat them during the day.

When you go to bed at night, you can reinforce this positive habit by writing down a few positive affirmations and leaving them beside your bed.  In the morning, they will be laying there ready for you to pick up and read out loud before you get out of bed.

The harder you work at thinking and saying affirmations, the easier it will be to focus on being positive.



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