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This is how I spent most of my life, but I can confidently say that things have changed dramatically and my life now has a minimum of stress and anxiety.  I contribute most of my problems to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem.  Depression was always an ongoing battle.  My fears and insecurities created difficulty in managing my emotions and dealing with difficult issues.  This kept me from moving ahead in my life,  stopped me from making good choices, setting and reaching any of my goals.  Then some life changing events caused me to stop speeding through life aimlessly and take a deep look at my life.  My personal journey to find answers started with extensive research on mental health issues and how to build confidence and good esteem.  By increasing my knowledge base, it gave me a deeper understanding  of myself and others.

My journey continued as I spent several months helping a local peer support group where I learned a lot of practical knowledge.  This allowed me to focus on helping other people instead of just focusing on my own problems.  This in turn, helped me build confidence in my unique abilities and skills.  During this time, I set up a small self-help library which has grown considerably over the years.  Listening to various tapes and reading books by well-known authors challenged my thinking and allowed me to look at life with a different perspective.

The next part of my journey began when a wonderful young friend brought me to a local church. This experience has continued to give me strength through its powerful messages and caring atmosphere.  It has brought purpose to my life and inspired me to work on projects that had been put aside or forgotten, such as writing books and sharing a blog.  Writing is one of my passions and I hope to continue adding more books on meaningful topics.

I M CONFIDENT NIAGARA CANADA is a program that I developed to help people build confidence and increase esteem through visual presentations, articles and books.  I have facilitated several group workshops within the Niagara Region over the past few years and have provided one-on-one Confidence Coaching for women and girls.   Unfortunately, due to 2 strokes, I am no longer facilitating workshops and Confidence Coaching.  However,  I do offer a self-coaching program that is available through this website.  People of all ages face increasing difficulty in their lives due to stress and pressures from the world.  We are led to believe that happiness can be found if we can just become the 'perfect' person and then our lives will be wonderful.  Unfortunately, perfection is NOT possible in an imperfect world and we are just setting ourselves up for ongoing frustration and failure.

My self-coaching program will help you get started on your own journey to find happiness and success by teaching you how to build confidence and increase your esteem.  I believe that anyone can change their perspective and have a life full of joy and purpose.  All it takes is the desire to change, daily commitment, patience and perseverance.  When I faced life with a negative perspective, which was about 90% of the time, I was miserable.  Once I discovered that it was possible to change my perspective, I worked very hard, using the ideas that I teach in my coaching and now it is easy for me to be positive MOST of the time.  Of course, I still have meltdowns, but they don't happen very often.  SO IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT!

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please email me at brenda@imconfident.com or fill out the form on the Contact Page.  Thanks for visiting my website and have a wonderfully positive day.  God bless!

If you would like to view my slide presentations on SLIDESHARE by LINKEDIN click on this link.  It will take you to to one of my presentations called, "10 Steps to Building Confidence".  For more presentations on other topics such as mental health, self-talk and bullying, type my name BRENDA SILVEIRA into the search bar.

Brenda Silveira, author of the CATERPILLAR TO BUTTERFLY SELF-ESTEEM WORKBOOK is known for inspiring people while building their confidence through her workshops, blogging and Confidence Coaching.   Her second workbook, THE BUTTERFLY EMERGES, is a Christian version of her first workbook that contains scripture verses throughout the workbook.

GRANDMA'S NOTES is a series of easy-to-read books that will challenge your thinking and give you thoughtful tips on various topics.  
  • Her first book in the series is called GRANDMA'S NOTES ON PARENTING.  This book gives empowerment to new parents by highlighting a few simple ways to raise children in positive environment. Brenda's candid recollection of her own lifetime of struggles helps individuals realize that they are not alone in their struggles to make good choices.  
  • Her second book in the series is called GRANDMA'S NOTES ON HEALTHY EATING (Subtitle - Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight).  Brenda's struggles to lose weight and become more healthy led her to research various books written by health professionals.  This book highlights what we need to eat and how to keep fit in order to live a healthier life.
  • Brenda's newest book is called GRANDMA'S NOTES ON RELATIONSHIPS.  There is nothing more important than having good relationships.  Seeing people struggling all around her, Brenda was driven to compile any valuable information that she had come across in her reading and put it together in a book that would help people look at their relationships from a different perspective.
Brenda, a graduate of Stratford Teacher's College, a former Girl Guide leader, Guide Commissioner and business owner for a local cleaning company, is the creator of I M CONFIDENT NIAGARA CANADA, a project that promotes confidence building through a website, visual presentations, books and Confidence Coaching (coaching is now offered as self-coaching using workbooks and slide presentations).  She is also actively involved in her church as a volunteer in various areas.